Fabian Falconett

Google Hello Friend Browser

Google/Hello.com had approached Method to concept ideas around a new fun and engaging way to browse friends on a social network. The experience needed to be "cool", visually appealing and very interactive. 

The team began with concepting different interaction models to best meet the needs of client. Our approach was to provide unique tools and way of interacting with the interface that added value to the experience. 

My team consisted of a UX Director, a visual designer and myself. I was responsible for UX concepting, and interaction design through annotated wireframes.

User Experience, Interaction Design, Wireframe Creation and documentation

Final Wireframes

Goog 1st level zoom.jpg
Goog 2nd level zoom.jpg
 ^ Visual Design by Baykal Askar

^ Visual Design by Baykal Askar

FB wfs1.png
FB wfs2.png
FB wfs3.png
FB wfs4.png
FB wfs8.png